Here's the Gist

Basically: I have respect for your personal privacy, and I'm not going to do anything to compromise it.

I promise I'm not spying on you or doing anything fishy like that.

My tools, like the Tag Cloud, collect data from your Tumblr. Some of that data is saved (or rather, cached) here on my Web server. But please know that I am only saving that data that is required for the tool to work. Nothing more.

For example, if you use the Tag Cloud or the "Pretty" Tag Cloud, the only information I save about your Tumblr is the List of your Tags, and the Date each tag was used.

I also save a "hit count", or the number of times the Tag Cloud has been fetched from your page.

To be more specific,

  • I am not collecting any personally-identifying information about you, your Tumblr, or visitors to your Tumblr.

  • The data that I do save from your Tumblr:

    1. Is only saved for the purpose of being a cache to allow my tools to return data to your page quickly.

    2. Is limited to what is absolutely required for my tools or services to function.

    3. Is publically available to anyone via the Tumblr API.

    4. Is deleted permanently, if you do not request the use of any of my Tools for a period exceeding 30 days.
  • Other data that gets collected:

    1. Things generally stored in the logs of a web server, like IP addresses, what browser you use, etc.

      This data is deleted after 7 days.

    2. Information collected by Google Analytics when you visit

      This only applies to this website, "" -

      No Google Analytics code, or any other kind of tracking code, will ever be inserted into your Tumblr by a script, or any other means, when you use any of my tools.

  • I am not going to share any information about you, your Tumblr, or visitors to your Tumblr with anyone else.

  • I am not going to share a "list of users" who use my tools or services with anyone else, unless you explicitly authorize me to do so.

  • You should know that because I use the Tumblr API, I am obliged to comply with the Tumblr Developers Policy as well as with the Tumblr Privacy Policy

  • In general, I promise I'm not up to anything devious or sinister.

Requesting data removal

As I said above, any data relating to a given Tumblr is deleted after 30 days, if there is no request for the use of my tools in that time.

If you want any cached data removed now and permanently, or if you would like to have your Tumblr completely "blacklisted" from any tools provided by, then you will have to send a message to my Tumblr Ask box from the Tumblr account whose data you wish me to remove. I will try to comply with any such requests within 48 hours, to the best of my ability.

Please note that is not affiliated, endorsed, certified, or sponsored in any way by Tumblr, Inc.