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Minimum Tag Freq.   — Only show a tag used at least this many times
Max # Tags   — Shows at most this many tags. (default: 5000)
Post History Use Last    (max 7000 posts)
Scale Tags?  
Max Font Size % recommended:  250 – 400
Base Font Size default:  uses size from your tumblr theme
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Exclude certain tags:
Separate tags with commas. You can use an asterisk * to exclude groups of tags. For example, "the*" will exclude any tag beginning with "the", like "the rabbit" or "theory". Capitalization does not matter.

This is your Code:

copy & paste to your Tumblr Theme or Page

This is an example of your Tag Cloud

actual appearance will depend on your tumblr Theme!


Installing the Tag Cloud Script

  1. Where do you paste the code?

    • On a "Page" on your Tumblr

          Click here for a Tutorial

    • In your Tumblr “Description”

      You can paste the code directly into the "Description" field on your Tumblr Customize page.

      On some Tumblr Themes, this will look nice, putting the Tag Cloud in a sidebar or header or something like that.   On other Themes, it may look horrible!

      Click here for a Tutorial

    • In your Tumblr Theme Code

      You'll need to know the basics of HTML to do this correctly.

      For most people, figuring out where to paste the script in your Theme HTML is the tricky part. You cannot just paste the script anywhere in your Theme.

      I suggest you use the "Search" (Ctrl+F) in your browser on the "Edit HTML" screen on your Customization page to locate some text in your Theme Code near where you want your Tag Cloud to display. You might have to play with it a bit to get it just right.

      If you don't understand HTML at all, this option is probably not for you.

  2. If you change your Tumblr Name –

    If you change your Tumblr name, your Tag cloud will stop working within a day or two.

    You will have to come back to this page, generate a new script that works with your new Tumblr name, and replace the old code on your tumblr.

    Sorry, that's just how it works!

  3. If you have Thousands of Posts –

    This Tag Cloud will only list the Tags from the most recent 7,000 posts on your Tumblr.

    Sorry, but it's just too much load on my server to handle more than that.

  4. If you think something is broken –

    If you think something is broken or not working correctly, please send me a note on Tumblr or send me an e-mail. Sometimes I don't know things are broken if nobody reports it.

  5. If you are a Theme Developer –

    If you are a developer writing a custom Tumblr theme, and wish to incorporate this tag cloud, that's fine. But there is a right way and a wrong way to go about doing this. Please e-mail me first to get to correct Javascript code.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I changed my Tumblr name, and now my tags are not showing up!

    Your Tag Cloud is connected to your Tumblr name, as described above.

    Unfortunately, there is no way for me to know when your Tumblr changes names, or what the new name is.  It just looks like your Tumblr disappeared.

    You will have to register again with your new tumblr name, generate a new script code, and paste this new code into your tumblr theme.

  2. I just posted something, but the Tag Cloud didn't update!

    The tag cloud is cached.  This means it is updated frequently, but not immediately.

    I need to cache your tags so the script loads fast. The downside is that it takes a little while for new changes to appear.

    I update your tags as often as I feasibly can.  This is a free service used by thousands of tumblrs. I am working with a small budget and limited resources.

    For your convenience, you may request a refresh to update your tags if you can't wait for the cache to automatically update.

  3. I changed some tags on my posts, but the changes aren't showing up!

    Again, the tag cloud is cached.  It is updated frequently, but not immediately.

    In particular, your tags are only updated when I detect that your Tumblr has a new post.

    So if you edit tags on posts, or delete posts, changes will not show up on your cloud until:

         1. You post something new on your Tumblr   (with up to 30–60 min delay)

         2. The cache automatically updates itself   (about once every 36 hours)

    Also, sometimes it takes Tumblr an hour or more to update its own cache, so Tumblr sends me the wrong data for a while.  Just be patient!

    Otherwise, you may request a refresh to update your tags if you really can't wait for the cache to update itself.

  4. How often are the tags updated?

    This gets a little complicated.

    Every time someone views your tag cloud, I will check if your tumblr has any new posts. (I'll check once every 30 minutes). If your tumblr has any new posts, the tags for the last 50 posts on your tumblr are updated.

    If nobody is visiting your Tumblr page to see your tag cloud, updates will be much less frequent, up to 12–24 hours between updates.

    A complete refresh is done every 36 hours, assuming your Tumblr page has at least one visitor each day.  The refresh finds tags on new posts, detects changes to tags on old posts or deleted posts, etc.

    Bottom line, if nobody is visiting your Tumblr page, don't expect frequent updates.

  5. I have a Private Tumblr, will the Tag Cloud work?

    No.  Unfortunately, private does mean private.

    Temporarily removing the password from your Tumblr will not work either. Once your Tumblr is marked "private" again, my server will delete your Tag Cloud. So don't even bother trying this.

    Bottom line, if your Tumblr is private this tag cloud is not for you.

  6. Why is it asking me to Register my tag cloud?  I already registered once.

    If you changed your tumblr name, you will have to register again with your new tumblr name, generate a new script code, and paste this new code into your tumblr theme.

    Sorry, that's just how it works.

  7. I have a tag like "my-hyphenated-tag" and it doesn't work when I click on it!

    This is a well-known Tumblr bug for tags containing a hyphen / dash ( - )

    In fact, all of the following characters have issues:

    •   “ - ”     is converted to a space

    •   “ + ”     is converted to a space

    •   “ _ ”     is converted to a space

    •   “ / ”     does not work at all

    When I say "is converted to a space" I mean that the tags "some-tag", "some+tag" and "some_tag" actually link to the tag "some tag" (whether or not you use it). These links will not find any posts whose tags have the hyphen, plus or underscore in them.

    If I were you, just avoid using any of these characters in your Tags.

  8. Is this free?

    Yes, this Tag Cloud script is "Free as in Free Waffles"

    Free Waffles come with butter and maple syrup,  Yum!

    But that's it:  there's no warranty, guarantee, or money back (hey, they're free), and if you eat them, you assume any risk (ie, don't blame me if you get sick) etc.

    More specifically,

    By using this Tag Cloud, you agree to the Tag Cloud License and Terms of Service.

    The Tag Cloud comes "as-is", with no warranty of any kind, and I disclaim any liability arising from its use.

    I will not make any claim to constant availability of this service, now or in the future.

    There may be brief periods when the Tag Cloud will not load correctly ("downtime"). It happens, it's annoying, it's not always my fault. But I can't make any guarantee for 100% uptime.

    I reserve the right to disable this service at any time, or to block any particular Tumblr, IP, user, etc. at my sole disgression.

  9. You're not going to insert advertisements or something are you?

    No. I will never do that, don't worry.

    I will also never add any kind of "tracking" codes or cookies.

  10. Do you have a Privacy Policy?

    Yes I do, you can Read my Privacy Policy here.

  11. Do you offer support?

    Not in any official way (unless you want to pay me!)

    But I do want my tool to be useful! So please do:

    • Request new features!

    • Let me know when something is broken or not working correctly!

    • Ask me if something is confusing!

    If you need help with "How do I put the Tag Cloud in my Tumblr Theme?"

    • I'm a busy person, I really don't have time to help you with this, sorry.

    Please direct any questions or whatever to my Tumblr Ask Box or send me an e-mail.

  12. What Browsers are supported?

    This Tag Cloud should work in basically every modern browser.  If someone is using some ancient version of Internet Explorer, it probably won't work.

    Occaisonally, something else in your Tumblr Theme interferes with the tag cloud script. Usually it's caused by some other script on your page, some invalid HTML in your Theme, or by any element in your Theme that uses the element id "tagCloud".

    I've fixed some of these issues, especially regarding various "infinite scroll" scripts on people's Tumblr Themes.

    Of course if you find a bug, please drop me a note on Tumblr, or send me an e-mail


About this Tag Cloud

I have previously used a Tag Cloud script by Heather Rivers. Her script is great, except:

  • It takes forever to load when your tumblr has more than a few hundred posts.

    Heather's script loads all of your posts from the Tumblr API every single time your page is accessed by anyone. It's kind of slow and a bit wasteful.

Advantages of my Script:

  1. Your Tag Cloud loads much faster because my server has already downloaded your Tags from Tumblr and cached them for performance.

  2. The script is very simple and averages about 10 kB in size with all Tag data included.

  3. I have many additional options to control how your Tags are displayed.

Disadvantages of my Script:

  1. Because your tags are cached for performance, tags for new posts, or changes to tags on existing posts, will not appear immediately on your Tag Cloud. Updates are frequent, but you can expect a normal delay of about 30–60 minutes.

  2. This Script is primarily intended for blogs with many hundred or thousands of posts. If your blog has less than about 300 posts, you may prefer the non-cached behaviour of Heather's Script. Her script will load in about 1 second per 100 posts on your Tumblr.